Neglect at Manchester care home results in death of war veteran

An inquest into the death of an eighty-three-year-old war veteran has been told that his death was the result of neglect on the part of care home workers who should have been looking after him.
The inquest heard that when the man developed an ulcer on his leg, the care home failed to take care of him properly. Although they called the man’s GP on first noticing the ulcer, they did not call the doctor again or notify him that the condition was not responding to treatment. Unauthorised bandages were used, and dressings were sometimes left for four days before being changed.
By the time the pensioner was admitted to Trafford General Hospital, the only option was to amputate his leg, as the ulcer had created a hole more than twelve centimetres across. A surgeon at the hospital stated that the level of care received by the patient at the care home was unacceptable and that he had been neglected.
The old man died two weeks after his operation. Care negligence is unacceptable on the part of the institutions responsible for the welfare of vulnerable people, and can cause unnecessary suffering. Businesses providing care services should always ensure that adequate care training is provided, and that standards are maintained.