New first aider helps car accident victim

A newly qualified first aider was able to put his skills into practice just an hour after completing a first aid training course when a 12-year-old girl was knocked down by a car.

Ben McAdam had just completed a three-day first aid training course when he saw a young girl hit by a car in Chester-le-Street. She had run out from behind a bus when she was struck by the vehicle, leaving her lying on the side of the road in a state of distress.

Ben, 26, immediately rushed to help, taking control of the situation immediately. He assessed the victim’s condition, stemmed the bleeding from a wound above her eye and tried to keep her conscious and comfortable until ambulance crews arrived to take her to the hospital. He suspected that she had broken legs, so he insisted she keeps still.

Due to his first aid training, Ben was even able to obtain some information relating to the girl’s medical history to give to the paramedics when they arrived on the scene.

James Allen, from St John Ambulance, praised Ben for his actions, saying:

“Thanks to his training, Ben knew exactly what to do when he encountered this incident and he clearly helped to save this girl.”