Newspaper campaign prompts hundreds to sign up for first aid training

A campaign run by the Derby Telegraph has succeeded in prompting hundreds of local residents to sign up for first aid training, where they will learn skills that could potentially save lives in the future.

The Derby Telegraph’s Save a Life campaign, which was launched back in October 2012, offered discounts on local first aid training courses as well as raised awareness of the importance of learning basic life-saving skills. The paper published numerous stories about people whose lives have been saved by first aid, as well as those who have been able to use their training to help people in real-life situations.

The newspaper has now revealed that since the Save a Life campaign was launched, more than 400 people are believed to have signed up for first aid training courses. Thrilled with the response was the Derby Telegraph’s editor Neil White, who said:

“I’m so proud of our readers for taking this opportunity to get involved with our campaign and I truly hope their new first-aid skills can make a difference in the real world, should they ever need to use them.”


This isn’t the publication’s first successful campaign either, as earlier in 2013 the Derby Telegraph managed to get 500 new people to sign up as blood donors.