Norovirus outbreak contained at Isle of Man care home

The Cummal Mooar care home in Ramsey, Isle of Man, has been hit by an outbreak of the vomiting bug known as norovirus.
The virus is believed to have affected ten residents and six staff at the home, which is located on Queen’s Promenade in Ramsey.
The health service in charge of the home has issued a statement to reassure the public, as well as friends and family of those affected, that the norovirus outbreak has been contained to two out of the three units in the home.
A spokesman said that the staff at the Cummal Mooar nursing home had received extensive infection control training and were handling the situation competently. He explained:

“They are experienced in dealing with these outbreaks and have good systems in place. Normally after 48 hours, things tend to abate and we are back to business as usual.
Our third unit has remained completely free from of any infection due to good infection control measures by the teams.”

As a further measure to prevent the spread of infection, all podiatry clinics which usually run at the home have been moved to Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital until further notice.