North East London building sites fail health and safety spot checks

A new inspection initiative carried out by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has found that nearly half of the building sites around the area of Stamford Hill in North East London are failing to put the proper health and safety measures in place.

HSE officers visited a total of 22 refurbishment construction sites in North Hackney and South Tottenham, Haringey as part of a one-day inspection. At the end of the inspection, the following results were revealed:

  • 6 sites were served with Prohibition Notices, requiring site managers to halt dangerous practices immediately. 5 of these related to unsafe working at height, which should have been covered by health and safety training
  • 6 sites were served with Improvement Notices, requiring site managers to make improvements to safety measures
  • 1 site displayed exceptionally hazardous conditions and had to be shut down completely
  • Common problems found at the sites include insufficient health and safety training for site managers, improper planning of work, lack of basic safety precautions and inadequate welfare facilities for employees

Commenting on the results of the inspection, the HSE’s principal inspector for the area Mike Williams said:

“We are very concerned at the number of small sites that are failing to take the most basic precautions to protect workers and members of the public.”