North Tyneside care workers undergo fire safety training

Care workers in the North Tyneside region have recently undergone fire safety training so that they will able to advice their home-based clients on how to stay safe.

The fire safety training was delivered by the local fire service, although other carers wanting to improve fire safety awareness and knowledge can turn to private training companies for comprehensive courses too.

The Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service delivered basic training to people involved in organisations such as Care Call, Age UK and St Anthony of Padua. The aim is to give carers the knowledge to help their clients check their smoke alarms or install them in the first place, as well as helping them get a fire escape plan in place.

The fire service is also hoping that the care workers can report back on any particularly vulnerable groups of people, some of whom could benefit from a visit from the brigade for a home safety check.

Group manager for the fire service, Dave Jefferson, said:

“Ensuring that the most vulnerable members of our society are protected from fire in their homes is a top priority for Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service.
“Working with organisations who provide care is a fantastic way of reaching as many of these people as possible through their existing links.”