North Yorkshire businesses perform poorly in fire safety audit

According to the latest figures, many businesses in North Yorkshire are not properly adhering to fire safety regulations, potentially putting staff and customers in danger.

North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service recently completed a lengthy fire safety audit of businesses operating in the area. For audits taking place between April 2011 and March 2012, a total of 1,416 businesses failed their fire safety audits.

Nearly 40 of these underperforming businesses were handed enforcement orders by the fire service, requiring them to make urgent improvements to fire safety measures or face further action or prosecution.

Commenting on the worrying figures, which strongly suggest that many business owners are either deliberately neglecting their responsibilities or they have not undergone the right fire safety training, was the fire risk company Safety Management. The firm’s managing director Brian Gregory said:

“The figures suggest that business is still not getting it right when it comes to managing their own fire safety.
“Principally, managing your own fire safety stems from completing a fire risk assessment. Once you have completed your fire risk assessment it is critical that you work on significant findings that the assessment identifies.”