Why one first aider in the workplace isn’t always enough

It is a legal requirement for all workplaces to have at least one trained first aider, just in case a medical emergency should happen. However, in many situations, having just one first aider is enough.

As a business owner, have you thought about what would happen:

• If your first aider is ill and can’t come into work for a day or two
• If your first aider goes on holiday
• If your first aider leaves the company without much notice, leaving you little time to train a replacement (meaning you are without first aid cover in the interim)
• More than one medical emergency should take place at once – it would be an extraordinary coincidence, but it could happen.

In these situations, you would be putting your employees’ safety at risk by only having one trained first aider. A more responsible course of action would be to send a handful of employees on workplace first aid training course – perhaps one person from each department. Of course, first aid knowledge can be useful for every one of your employees to have, so it could be worth investing in company-wide first aid training.