Organising a work picnic? Don’t forget the first aid kit

Within work hours, the health and safety of employees is your responsibility as a business owner. This not only means following all health and safety rules on your main work premises but also making sure that employees are safe when out of the office, such as when participating in a work-organised summer picnic, for example.

Many businesses and organisations arrange morale-building summer events and activities for their staff members when the weather is good, but not all remember to put the right health and safety measures in place. It is important to carry out a risk assessment if any even remotely hazardous activities are planned. Just as crucial is remembering to take enough first aid supplies for all participants, along with enough people with the right first aid training.

Every workplace needs at least one trained first aider, and this person or people should be present, along with a first aid kit, during your summer outing. They may only have to treat minor cuts, insect bites or cases of sunburn, but they may also be called upon for more serious emergencies such as anaphylactic shock, asthma attacks or heatstroke.