Paediatric First Aid Training Courses

The Early Years Foundation Stage is a statutory framework designed to set certain standards relating to the learning and development of children between the ages of 0 and five years old. The framework also sets standards relating to their care, and this is where paediatric first aid courses come in.

People working with children within this age range should be able to plan for potential accidents or illnesses as well as knowing how to respond quickly and effectively should an incident occur. The Paediatric First Aid Training Course is designed to equip people with the necessary skills and knowledge, and is in lines with EYFS and Ofsted requirements.

The course is delivered by a paediatric specialist and requires two days of practical and theoretical learning. As well as covering planning for and dealing with emergencies, the course also deals with the actions appropriate in some of the more common illnesses and injuries such as burns and scalds, foreign bodies in eyes, ears and noses, and bites and stings.

The training also prepares those working with children for recognising and responding to certain chronic medical conditions and those illnesses that can appear suddenly and require immediate action.