Parents in Hull lack even basic first aid skills, according to charity

According to the first aid charity, St John Ambulance, many parents in Hull lack even basic first aid skills, which means that they may be unable to help their children in a medical emergency.
The charity recently released figures showing that less than half of the parents in the region have the skills needed to save their child’s life, despite the fact that 29 per cent said that their child had experienced an incident requiring first aid during the summer holidays.
Just 70 per cent know basic first aid, but most have not taken a first aid training course. In an even more shocking statistic, around 22 per cent of Hull residents admitted that they didn’t think first aid training was important.
St John Ambulance has also released a new advert designed to encourage people to get basic first aid training.
The emotive advert, which is to be run on ITV, shows a boy injuring himself and falling unconscious when climbing a tree. His father, who does not know how to help his son, is shown screaming for help. At the end of the advert, viewers are urged to learn the skills they would need to help save the boy’s life.