Penwortham school staff use emergency first aid training to save child’s life

The staff at a school in Penwortham in Lancashire have been praised for using the skills learnt in their emergency first aid training to save the life of a 13-month-old girl who suffered a fit.

The incident occurred last Friday (1st April) outside Whitefield Primary School. Baby Caitlyn Newman was being pushed in her pram by her aunt Kirsty Edwards, who was picking her own daughter up from the Big Oaks Little Acorns (BOLA) after-school club at Whitefield.

Caitlyn apparently became white and lifeless looking as she suffered a fit, prompting her aunt to rush inside the after-school club to get help. Staff at the BOLA club leapt into action, using their paediatric first aid training, they had only recently undergone a first aid refresher training course – to save Caitlyn’s life.

They laid her down, loosened her clothes and administered first aid. They also used an ice pack to cool her down and then put her into the recovery position. She regained consciousness before the emergency services arrived to take her to hospital.

Caitlyn’s mother Rosie, 26, expressed her gratitude to the BOLA staff, saying:

“The staff at the after-school club were wonderful as they brought Caitlyn back from unconsciousness.
“They saved my baby’s life, and I cannot thank them enough.”