Pests : what you should be looking for

If your food business doesn’t yet have a pest control programme, then you should waste no time in setting one up and ensuring regular checks of your premises. As summer approaches, conditions may be just right for pests to flourish and active infestations can quickly become very difficult to eradicate.

In order for these checks to be effective, you will need to make sure that all members of staff receive the appropriate training. Those working in a supervisory capacity should receive Level 4 Food Safety Training so they are able to pass on the relevant information to those working under them.

But what should you be looking out for? Some signs may be unmistakable:

rodent droppings, insects (dead or alive), maggots or cockroach skins should be enough to set alarm bells ringing without the need for special training, but others may be more difficult to spot.

For example, small piles of dust or sawdust usually indicate the presence of ants; cockroaches leave eggs and egg cases; rodents can urinate on food packaging… These signs may be more difficult to spot, especially if you don’t know what you are looking for.

If in doubt, call in a pest control specialist immediately to make sure you protect your customers, employees and the future of your business by keeping it safe and pest-free.