Peterborough hospital handed health and safety improvement notice

A private city hospital in Peterborough has been ordered to improve standards of health and safety after an inspector uncovered a few problems on a recent visit.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) confirmed to local newspaper the Evening Telegraph that is had issued an improvement notice to bosses of Fitzwilliam Hospital in Bretton, mainly in relation to the permits it grants to contractors working in hazardous situations on the hospital premises.

The HSE expressed concern over the risk assessment and control procedures that were in place to protect contractors working in confined spaces or near high voltage electrical equipment.

A spokeswoman for the HSE said that the hospital needed to improve its health and safety training standards for those in charge of issuing these permits. She said:

“The hospital has been required to review its existing permit to work arrangements with a view to improving the knowledge and understanding of those staff who are responsible for authorising and administering these systems.”

Fitzwilliam hospital now has two month to comply with the HSE’s recommendations or 21 days to appeal the improvement notice. The marketing manager at the hospital said that neither action would affect patients in any way.