Planning a pop-up food stand? Make food hygiene training a priority

Pop-up restaurants and food stands are hugely popular at the moment, and the UK’s towns and cities are only set to see more of them appearing in the coming months, as Christmas approaches. If you are planning to set up shop at a Christmas market or another festive event, it is crucial that you make food hygiene training for all of your staff a top priority.
Many pop-up stand owners already have restaurants, in which all employees have taken rigorous food safety training courses to ensure that standards are impeccable. However, when it comes to staffing a pop-up stall, business owners often rely on temporary or casual workers, or even volunteers.
Food safety training for everyone working for you is just as important when it comes to providing street food to the public, if not more so because you don’t have access to all the usual equipment and food safety management systems you would have in a fixed premises. You must adhere to all health and safety regulations, as well as protecting the health of your customers. It is also important for your reputation as a food business to make food hygiene one of your top priorities.