Policeman saves life with CPR

A policeman from Corby has been awarded a Royal Humane Society Resuscitation Certificate for saving the life of a teenager who had stopped breathing.

The eighteen-year-old had been out in Corby, and had taken drugs; he collapsed in the street and when the officer arrived on the scene he was lying prone. The policeman put him in the recovery position, but the young man then stopped breathing.

Fearing that the teen was about to go into cardiac arrest, the officer performed chest compressions (CPR) until help arrived.

Although the officer had never performed CPR on a person before, he had practised on a dummy, which just goes to show that first aid training does work. Simulating the kinds of treatment that may have to be administered in the future is invaluable and can make all the difference in the event of an emergency.

The officer was praised for the way he had managed the situation, as he was surrounded by two hundred people when he administered first aid to the teen. Despite the pressure, he was able to make a difference for that young man.