Poorly guarded machines most common cause of food industry accidents

According to, poorly guarded machinery and equipment is one of the most common causes of injuries and accidents within the UK food and drink manufacturing industry.
The website has created its own health and safety timeline for this particular sector, which documents the number of incidents and injuries related to machinery without the proper safety guards within the last year.
Employees within the food and drink manufacturing industry require the right health and safety training in order to use potentially dangerous machinery safely, but they also need proper supervision, as well as guards, emergency stop functions and other safety features to protect them.
The research revealed by also shows that one of the most common outcomes of accidents involving poorly guarded machinery in the last 12 months is the loss of fingers. As well as causing a lot of pain and distress, the loss of even one finger can greatly affect a person’s life, and can even prevent them from being able to work and earn a living.
The head of campaigns and engagement at the British Safety Council (BSC), Matthew Holder, said that many businesses are not learning from past mistakes, explaining:

“We see year in, year out the same causes of injuries and fatalities – the same mistakes again and again.”