Praise for son who saved father’s life with first aid skills

A 13-year-old boy scout from Angus in Scotland has been honoured with a medal from The Scouts Association after he used his first aid training to save his father’s life.

Lachlan Wallace was hiking back to Forfar from Tannadice with his father Iain, 10-year-old sister Mirren and the 3rd Forfar Scouts when the incident occurred. His father accidentally touched an unmarked electric fence, which gave him such a jolt that he was knocked unconscious.

The 13-year-old, demonstrating just how useful first aid training can be in emergency situations, rushed over to help his father and to give him first aid. Iain described what happened (according to witness accounts), saying:

“Lachlan put me in the recovery position and did first aid until I came around,”
“He totally switched off to the fact it was his father and just did what he had been taught.”

For his heroic efforts to save his father, Lachlan was awarded The Chief Scout’s Commendation for Meritorious Conduct. Also commended was 22-year-old Assistant Beaver Scout Group Leader Ceri Coates, who also has first aid training, for helping Lachlan revive his father after the electric shock.