Preserving safety standards in the construction sector

Construction sites are inherently dangerous places to be. It is absolutely vital that everyone on the site has the right level of health and safety training to make them an asset to the team rather than a risk. It is well documented that accidents are far more likely to happen in settings where heavy machinery is used (agriculture is another sector affected by this statistic) and so it’s essential that everyone is protected.

One way to protect members of the team is obviously to provide all the essential safety gear, but that is nowhere near as effective as providing the right health and safety training. Accidents often originate in human error – from a lack of basic knowledge or attention regarding the relevant regulations that legally apply to the construction industry.

Members of staff can be trained up in various disciplines depending on whether they operate certain pieces of machinery or undertake certain tasks on a site. Training is available to help people deal with all types of situations on a construction site, from work that takes place in confined spaces to work that may bring employees into contact with asbestos.