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A landlord from the Lancashire town of Preston has been fined a total of £28,000 after he breached fire safety regulations at one of his properties.

Lee Pemberton was prosecuted along with his property development firm, PemCo Investments Ltd after officials from Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service visited one of his properties on Lune Street.

The property, which was located above a shop, was found to be in breach of a number of fire safety regulations. In fact, fire safety officers said that the property was so dangerous that its residents would have faced serious injury and perhaps even death.

A fire alarm

It was clear from the breaches, which included a lack of fire alarms and a failure to carry out a fire risk assessment, that Mr Pemberton was in need of proper fire safety training in order to make his properties safe.

The landlord was ultimately fined £1,000 for each offence committed, as well as having to pay £500 in costs. His property development company, however, was fined £21,000 and £5,250 in court costs.

Commenting on the case, fire safety officer John Hampson said:
“While we will always work with those willing to address fire safety issues, where unnecessary risks are being taken or management responsibilities flouted, we will not hesitate to take enforcement action.”

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