Preventing abuse in health and social care environments

Abuse, whether violent or otherwise, should never happen in a care environment. Sadly though, it does occur and it remains a huge challenge for those actively working to eradicate it within the health and social care sector.
There are a number of ways in which care workers can contribute to the fight against abuse, but it all starts with receiving the proper training. Depending of course on the type of care environment you work in, the following courses could be extremely useful:
Observation skills training for carers. This is a vital skill to possess no matter what part of the health and social care sector you work within. It highlights your responsibility as a care worker to report your concerns, as well as teaching you how to analyse behaviour and patterns and generally how to improve your observation skills.
Communication and record-keeping training. These are also vital skills that all care workers should possess, and it ties in closely with observation. You need to know how to keep and maintain accurate records and reports, in order to improve patient care, adhere to regulations and prevent abuse.
Safeguarding of vulnerable adults (SOVA) training. This course focuses almost exclusively on abuse, helping you to learn the signs and symptoms of abuse, how to deal with it and the legislation relating to it.