How a proper fire drill should be conducted

As part of fire safety measures business owners are required by law to take, a fire drill should be carried out on a regular basis. This is an essential measure, as it ensures that all of a building’s occupants know where to go and what to do in case of a fire.

However, some businesses and organisations are neglecting to carry out fire drills altogether. Some of those that do have a semi-regular schedule of fire drills are not carrying them out properly. Here are the steps you need to take to conduct a proper fire drill:

  1. Make sure the fire drill is unannounced so that it will be realistic and of full benefit. However you can inform department heads of the drill.
  2. Trigger the drill by setting off the fire alarm.
  3. The designated fire marshals should start the evacuation of staff, as well as ensuring that all procedures (i.e. making emergency phone calls) are followed.
  4. Staff should evacuate to a pre-agreed assembly point, where they will be registered and counted.
  5. The evacuation should be timed and the time improved upon during every fire drill.
  6. A de-briefing process should take place after every fire drill.
  7. The drill should be repeated every six months or sooner if you have a rapid staff turnover.

To learn more about how to carry out a fire drill, the best option is to undergo fire safety training. It is not just the designated fire marshal who should have fire safety training – managers and staff members can all benefit from it.