Protect your employees and business with fire safety training

It is essential for any business to fully understand the risk of fire at their premises, whatever their industry or activity. Fire is a real threat, whether in offices or warehouses, and the risk can only be reduced if a risk assessment is carried out and employees receive fire safety training.

When a fire breaks out, the consequences can be devastating and far-reaching, as demonstrated by a fire that broke out in warehouses in London at the end of January. Workshops, warehouses and vehicles were destroyed in the blaze, which at one point saw more than seventy five fire fighters trying to tackle the fire.

The situation was made more difficult by the presence of cylinders containing unstable gas, and as a result, the disruption was widespread. Roads were closed, as was the White City tube station, and more than one hundred people had to be evacuated from the complex.

It is thought that the fire started just after 9.30 a.m. and fire fighters were still on site during the night in an attempt to extinguish the fire and begin the investigation into the cause of the fire. Luckily, no-one was injured during the incident.