Re-designed home first aid kit can be used with just one hand

Many homes and businesses have a first aid kit, stocked with the basics a person with first aid training would need to bandage wounds and treat injuries. However, in an emergency, these kits can be tricky to use, especially by untrained and panicking people. They are especially difficult to use if it is you who has sustained the injury and are trying to treat yourself.

A British designer has now come up with a brand new first aid kit for the home which can be used with just one hand, and by people who have not had any medical or first aid training. Gabriele Meldaikyte’s first aid kit is organised into different components according to the type of injury sustained.

The way the kit is laid out means that someone can use it with just one hand, which will be extremely helpful if you are treating an injury on your own other arm or hand, or using your other hand to apply pressure to someone else’s wound.

The kit also has instructions and information on treating injuries contained within it, which will help first aid beginners. However useful and user-friendly the redesigned first aid kit may be, it is still no substitute for proper first aid training.

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