Reading care home owners hit back at CQC criticism

The owners of a care home in Reading have expressed irritation at a recent report published by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) on standards at the home.
The Orchard Lodge care home, on Baskerville Road, has 11 residents, many of whom have dementia. After a visit in February, CQC inspectors claimed that the home had failed to meet 12 out of 17 essential standards of care, quality and safety. The report stated:

“The home did not ensure that people had assessments of mental capacity to make some or all of the decisions about their care, treatment and support.
“It did not have effective systems in place for monitoring the quality and safety of care given and did not take into account the feedback from people and their families in order to address concerns or make improvements.”

The owners of the home, Naz and Nageeb Aubdool, claim that the report is inaccurate and that different inspectors came to the home a second time. Mr Aubdool also said that the inspectors seemed to come solely to criticise, not to support, and had little knowledge of the couple or of the building.
As well as outlining how care plans are created and reviewed for all residents, Mr Aubdool also emphasized his commitment to ensuring all staff get the best care training. He said:

“I carry out monthly staff meetings which is a part-teaching session where we cover topics such as making sure everyone knows how to wash their hands properly or how to clean a commode. The staff are all trained regularly.”

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  1. The CQC are a kangaroo court type organisation – disorganised, incompetent and comprised of jobs worths who have no sense that care of the residents is more important.

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