Red Cross calls for all motorists to take first aid training

The Red Cross has issued a call for all motorists to take basic first aid training, and to carry special equipment with them in their cars so that they can help people who have been involved in road accidents.
The charity pointed out that the first people on the scene following crashes and collisions are usually other motorists, and that with the right first aid training, these bystanders could be doing a lot to save lives. As well as responding to these situations more calmly, motorists can use their new first aid skills and knowledge to give medical attention to injured people until the emergency services arrive.
The Red Cross is also calling for all motorists to carry a road hazard sign and a high visibility jacket in their cars at all times, so as to make crash scenes much safer for everyone involved.
The charity has now asked the government in the UK, as well as governments in other countries, to make basic first aid training a compulsory part of the process to get a driving license along with the practical and theoretical parts of the driving test.