How reducing food waste could help those in need

A Labour MP is bringing forward a private member’s bill in parliament, asking for a law to force supermarkets to donate edible and healthy food waste to charities. With a rising global population, the world’s food resources are under ever-increasing pressure, and yet it is thought that up to half of all edible food waste is destroyed or sent to land-fill.

Increased financial hardship in the UK and elsewhere is likely to mean that more and more people are struggling to put food on the table, so how can we justify throwing away perfectly good food?

This MP is also calling for the removal of the biggest obstacle to food distribution: the liability of food donors. She will be suggesting the adoption of a law in the US that protects food donors if they pass on food in good faith that then causes food poisoning.

So, is this a possible solution? Reducing food waste is essential, and giving it to those who struggle to find enough food or even to livestock would seem to be a better way of using our resources. It is thought unlikely that this bill will go far, despite cross-party support, but it is hoped it will help to raise awareness of the problem.