Report finds 32% of business non-compliances involve fire safety

A new report has found that of all cases of health and safety non-compliance in businesses throughout the world, 32 per cent involve fire safety.
The research, compiled by the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, found that the most pressing issue in workplaces was a lack of adequate fire exit signage. Other non-compliance issues which made it into the top ten included:
• Inadequate or non-functioning emergency lighting
• Inadequately installed fire-fighting equipment
• Blocked aisles and exits
• A lack of visibility in signs and instructions
• Out of date or missing fire service inspection certificates
• No regular evacuation drills carried out
• Inadequate fire doors and escape routes
Many of these issues suggest that fire safety training amongst key decision-makers within global businesses is not what it should be. On a fire safety awareness course, topics such as the importance of regular fire escape drills, as well as guidance on how to meet legal obligations in relation to fire safety, are all included.
Looking at the data in terms of specific countries, the Data Exchange research found that Romania and Portugal had the highest average proportion of fire safety issues. It also revealed that manufacturing was the most affected industry sector.