Reports reveal poor food hygiene standards at UK hospitals

A new report has revealed that a large number of UK hospitals are breaking food hygiene regulations, potentially putting the health of patients at risk.

The MailOnline website has analysed reports, obtained via a Freedom of Information request, from environmental health officers on a total of 769 hospitals. The publication’s researchers found that as many as 581 hospitals across the country were actually breaking food hygiene regulations.

The figures showed that:

  • 62 hospitals were stocking food that was out-of-date
  • 229 hospitals had dirty kitchens or equipment

Other problems included pest infestations and poor food hygiene training amongst staff members working in hospital kitchens.

One hospital, Mile End Hospital, which was criticised for food hygiene standards following an environmental health inspection, has responded to the MailOnline report. A spokesperson for the Trust which runs the hospital said:

“Urgent steps were immediately taken to eradicate a small problem in the dry food storage area where there was evidence of mouse droppings on a shelf.
“There has been no sign of further pest activity since. In May this year, Barts Health was once again awarded a five star rating for the high levels of hygiene and cleanliness at Mile End Hospital.”