Your responsibilities as an employer for first aid training

As the owner or manager of a business which has employees, you have certain responsibilities with regards to health and safety, fire safety and first aid provision. It is very important that you understand these responsibilities, not only to adhere to government regulations but also to protect your business and its employees.

When it comes to first aid, you have both a legal and moral obligation to make sure your staff are provided with first aid training. New rules were implemented by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) on the 1st of October 2009 requiring all employers to conduct an assessment of first aid training needs within the business.

It is recommended that at least a few of your staff members, the designated first aiders in the business, undergo First Aid at Work and Emergency First Aid at Work courses. These courses last 3 days and 1 day respectively.

Another important responsibility you have as an employer is to make sure your staff’s first aid training knowledge and skills are always up to date. The HSE recommends sending employees on annual First Aid Refresher courses, which generally take half a day to complete.