Restaurant owner admits rat infestation but denies other charges

The owner of an Indian restaurant in Scunthorpe faces nine charges following an inspection by North Lincolnshire Council’s environmental health team last year.

The officers claim they found the following breaches when they visited the restaurant:

  • A failure to draw up, implement or maintain a food management system based on the principles of HACCP.
  • A failure to undertake training on how to apply HACCP principles.
  • A failure to ensure that staff received supervision or food safety training appropriate to their duties.
  • Using inadequate storage which exposed food products to a risk of contamination from dirt and pests.
  • Neither the owner nor his employees were respecting hygiene practices (hand washing, clean protective clothing), thereby exposing food to potential contamination.
  • Failing to maintain the premises for food preparation and failing to protect the premises from a live rat infestation.
  • Failing to keep floors and ceilings in a state of repair that would allow effective cleaning.
  • Failing to provide a refuse bin in the food preparation area.
  • Storing broken equipment, furniture and clothing in the food preparation area.

The owner of the restaurant admits only the live rat infestation. He denies all the other charges.