Retail and licensing qualifications explained – Scotland

The legal requirements for licensed premises and personal licence holders are different in Scotland compared to England and Wales, which can make it difficult to know which training courses need to be taken and which qualifications need to be attained.

To help you work out which training you need to take, alongside other vital courses such as health and safety training and first aid training, here is a quick guide to retail and licensing qualifications for people working in Scotland.

  • SCPLH – The EDI Level 5 Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders. Accredited by the same Awarding Body as the qualifications for England and Wales, this is the qualification needed in order to apply for your Personal Licence to sell or authorise sales of alcohol in Scotland.
  • SALPS – The Scottish Award for Licensed Premises Staff. From September 2009, all staff serving or selling alcohol in Scotland were required to meet new legislative requirements. The SALPS training course, which you need to complete to attain the qualification, covers the 16 main topics needed to fulfil statutory requirements. These topics include everything from sensible drinking limits and units of alcohol to licensing hours and good practice in managing conflict.