Reviewing your company fire safety plans

Each and every business with employees must have a fire risk assessment as well as workers who are trained in fire safety. Ideally, you will have more than one trained fire marshal, who will be able to help supervisors and managers to implement the company fire safety plans.

Once fire safety plans have been devised and implemented, and the company has met all of its legal obligations with regards to fire safety, it is then necessary for regular reviews, assessments and revisions to take place.

You will need to review or revise your company’s fire safety plans on a regular basis, and especially if:

– The seating plan or layout of the building changes
– Construction work or renovation has taken place on the building

If you aren’t sure whether your company’s fire risk assessment needs updating, it is always best to do the assessment – or to employ a specialist consultant to do it for you – just in case any improvements need to be made.

The best way to get to grips with fire safety regulations, and learn how to devise and implement fire safety plans in your company, is to undergo fire safety training. There are various levels of training to complete, from basic fire safety awareness courses and fire marshal training to specialist fire safety training for supervisors and managers.