How the right training can help to reduce construction accidents

The construction industry has a higher rate of accidents, injuries and fatalities than any other industry. This is due to the more dangerous and hazardous nature of the work, but it could also be down to insufficient training and poor health and safety practices.

Every construction company owner or site manager should be looking to do everything they can to reduce workplace accidents. It all starts with proper health and safety training, and there are many courses available to help you and your workers manage, plan and carry out construction projects more safely.

For example, the following courses are available for construction business owners, managers and workers:

  • Asbestos Awareness training
  • CITB (the Sector Skills Council and Industry Training Board for the construction industry) Site Safety Plus training courses – including Achieving Behavioural Change, Health and Safety Awareness, Plant Management Safety, Site Management Safety and Site Supervisor Safety training courses.
  • Abrasive Wheels training

There is also the CCNSG (Client Contractor National Safety Group) Safety Passport Scheme. This is a nationally-recognised, three-level training programme which covers a huge range of topics crucial to health and safety on construction sites. Many companies now insist on personnel having a CCNSG photo ID passport (which lasts 3 years) before they can even enter the construction site.