Risks for construction workers and how to reduce them pt.2

According to official statistics, people who work within the construction industry face more risks and hazards than those who work in other sectors. Although the figures may suggest that this industry is more dangerous than others, there are ways that managers and workers can improve safety and prevent accidents.

In pt.1 of this guide, we looked at some of the most common accidents and how they can be prevented. Let’s look at a few more:

  • Injuries from falling objects. Carelessness can cause these kinds of injuries, which can occasionally be fatal. General safety at work training and a proper health and safety management can help to prevent these accidents occurring.
  • Noise-related injuries. Prolonged exposure to excessive levels of noise can cause serious damage to hearing, which is why exposure to noise should be managed and protective ear guards provided to employees.
  • Injuries from hazardous substances. Management of hazardous substances and COSHH training (control of substances hazardous to health training) can prevent injuries caused by hazardous substances coming into contact with the skin or being inhaled or ingested.
  • Hand-arm vibration. This nerve-related disorder, which can cause numbness in the fingers, is caused by prolonged use of vibrating tools. It can be prevented by training workers in how to hold and use tools, providing workers with properly maintained, fit-for-purpose tools and with anti-vibration gloves.