Road accident widow urges people to take first aid training

A woman from the Berkshire town of Bracknell whose husband was killed in a road accident has urged members of the public to take first aid training.

Nicci Hazel, a 37-year-old mother of three daughters, lost her husband Steven in 2010 when he was fatally injured in a motorcycle crash. She says that a passing driver who had previously undergone first aid training was able to give her husband chest compressions, keeping him alive long enough to be taken to the hospital.

The skills of the passer-by, now named Kim Campbell, also enabled Mr Hazel’s wife and daughters to be able to say goodbye to him before he died.

Attending a first aid training event herself earlier this month, Mrs Hazel praised Ms Campbell for her actions and said:

“If it hadn’t been for his brain injuries, she would have saved his life because she kept his heart going. She gave us a chance to see him before he died.”


Mrs Hazel also urged others to undergo first aid training, saying:

“You never ever know when you are going to need it, either for a loved one of your own or a stranger.
“How will you feel if you’re put in that situation and you can’t do anything, you just stand there watching someone’s life ebb away?”