Rugby landlord fined for fire safety offences

The landlord of a house in Rugby has been fined in Nuneaton Magistrates Court for failing to adhere to fire safety regulations and putting his tenants’ lives in danger.

Mokhtar Mohammad Pouri, the owner of the multi-occupied property on Newbold Road, was found guilty of seven offences. The charges stem from a 2008 inspection carried out by officers from Rugby Borough Council in which serious fire safety failings (e.g. problems with fire escape routes) were uncovered.

Mr Pouri was served with improvement notices, but later inspections revealed that he had failed to comply with them and that insufficient improvements to the building had been made. If the landlord had undertaken better fire safety training, it is likely that he would have taken his responsibilities more seriously and made the required changes to his premises.

For each offence, Mr Pouri was fined £200. He was also ordered to pay the council’s legal bill of £1,000.

Commenting on the case, Councillor Leigh Hunt said:

Rugby Borough Council’s duty is to ensure that all tenants are living in healthy and safe accommodation.
“In most cases the Council is able to work with landlords to ensure the necessary repair works are undertaken.”