How to safely manage challenging behaviour in a care environment

Working within a care environment, you are likely to encounter many difficult situations as well as challenging behaviour from some of the people under your care. You need the skills and the knowledge to be able to prevent these situations from occurring if possible, but safely handle and defuse them if they do occur.

Physical intervention training will enable you to learn more about the kinds of challenging behaviour (i.e. anger, aggression etc.) you may face in the particular care environment you work within, as well as giving you a greater understanding of the triggers and causes of each behaviour.

As well as helping you to identify and understand challenging behaviour, this care training course also gives you valuable information and practical guidance on how to deal with it. This includes everything from breakaway techniques and self-defence to physical restraint and basic holding techniques, teaching you how to deal with difficult situations in the safest way possible.

You are also likely to cover some of the legal aspects relating to the way challenging behaviour is dealt with in care environments, including the Health and Safety Act and the Mental Health Act.

Care workers who are properly trained are able to manage challenging behaviour in such a way that the person receiving care is treated respectfully and that anyone else involved in the situation is protected from harm.