Why safety and first aid training is essential for teachers

In a school environment, teachers and teaching support staff temporarily take on the roles of parents in ensuring that all pupils are safe and well looked after. This is known as acting in loco parentis (in the place of a parent).

As teachers are responsible for the health and safety of children during school hours, it is vital that all teaching staff undergo the right safety training to prepare them for any emergency situation that may occur.

By undertaking an extensive set of training courses, including first aid training, health and safety training and fire safety awareness training (or fire marshal training), teachers will know:

  • What to do when the fire alarm sounds
  • How to organise a safe evacuation of pupils during a fire or a fire drill
  • How to treat a child who is having an allergic reaction
  • How to treat minor cuts, scrapes and scratches
  • How to conduct risk assessments in order to plan lessons and activities with safety in mind
  • What to in a medical emergency

In most cases, the educational facility you work for should arrange and pay for any safety or first aid training you need, so there really is no reason not to do it.