Schoolboy saves brother’s life just hours after taking first aid course

Just hours after taking a first aid training course, a 9-year-old schoolboy from South Wales was able to save his little brother’s life after he started choking on a sandwich.

James Reed was able to use the skills and knowledge he learned on a first aid course taken just hours before when his brother Harri, who is just 3 years old, stopped breathing and turned blue whilst eating a sandwich. He gave his brother three sharp blows to the back and managed to dislodge the piece of food Harri was choking on from his windpipe. The youngster caught his breath again and made a full recovery.

The brave schoolboy has been showered with praise for his quick thinking and fast reaction to the terrifying emergency, and he has even been given an award from St John Ambulance in Wales. James now realises the importance of first aid, as does his proud and relieved mother Zara, who said:

“I’m so grateful that James had been shown the skills needed to save a life.
“If he hadn’t have been there the outcome could have been very different. I am really proud of him.”