Schoolgirls praised for first aid skills after terrifying stabbing incident

Three schoolgirls have been praised for their bravery and quick thinking after they were able to use first aid training they learnt at school to help save the life of a 15-year-old boy who was stabbed in a local park.

The girls, two sisters aged 10 and 12 and their friend, aged 14, ran to the aid of the youngster after he was stabbed multiple times in Manford Way Park in north east London. They had recently had first aid training at school, and were able to use their new skills to help the boy.

Two of the brave girls used plastic cards to compress the victim’s wounds, in an attempt to stop the bleeding. The third girl, meanwhile, ran to direct the approaching ambulance to the scene. The wounded teen was taken to hospital, where his condition was not deemed life threatening. He is now in recovery.

The mother of the two sisters spoke proudly of their actions, saying:

“I am extremely proud of my daughters and their friend.
“This was a very brave thing to do after seeing this young boy get stabbed right in front of them at this age but they didn’t allow shock or fear get in their way at the time that was most important.”