Social care professionals invited to apply for NHS Dementia Prize

The NHS has launched the second stage of its NHS Innovation Challenge Prize for Dementia, inviting a second round of social care professionals to apply.

The Challenge Prize, which was created by the NHS working in partnership with Janssen Healthcare Innovation, aims to recognise and reward individuals and facilities which have used innovative and forward-thinking approaches to dementia treatment.

More than 90 submissions were received in the first stage of the Challenge, which encouraged those working at the frontline of dementia care to come up with a list of the most important issues that people with dementia have to face. The result of stage one was that the delivery of integrated, joined-up care is one of the biggest challenges facing UK dementia sufferers, a goal for service providers which may only be achieved through careful planning and extensive care training.

Commenting on the Challenge was Marco Mohwinckel, from Janssen Healthcare Innovation, who said:

“We need to see a shift in the way dementia care is organised and delivered in the UK if we are to deliver better outcomes for patients and their carers. It’s crucial that care is co-ordinated, patient-centred and tailored to the individual needs of the patient and their family.”