Somerton businesses get fire safety training

Businesses in the Somerset town of Somerton have been taking important steps to improve workplace safety standards, by sending their staff members on crucial fire safety training courses.

Many employees and managers from local businesses attended training sessions, which were held in the form of an open evening by Somerton Fire Station. Attendees were taught all the things usually included on a basic fire safety in the workplace training course, such as:

  • How to spot fire hazards and take steps to remove or reduce them
  • How to use a fire extinguisher and other fire-fighting equipment
  • What fire procedures businesses should be following
  • How to evacuate a premises if a fire should break out or the fire alarm should sound
  • General ways to make the workplace safer and reduce fire safety risks.

Following the event, the Fire Service received very positive feedback from the local businesses whose employees attended the training. Any businesses which didn’t send staff members may now want to consider fire safety training courses for their workforces, which can help to make the workplace safer as well as enabling companies to better adhere to fire safety rules.