Sprinklers can reduce damage caused by fire

Recent figures show that there was one fire every three school days in London schools last year. London Fire Brigade figures show that there were one hundred and thirteen accidental fires in schools in 2011. An eighth of schools nationally suffered from arson attacks, costing somewhere in the region of £65 million.

Now, the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority’s community safety committee is trying to persuade local authorities of the advantages of sprinkler systems. While fire safety training is paramount in the detection and handling of incidents involving fire, as well as ensuring adequate preventative measures, these sprinklers could significantly reduce the amount of damage done.

Fire is incredibly destructive and poses a great risk to both life and limb. It is argued that sprinkler systems would be able to slow down or halt the progress of many fires, thus protecting pupils and staff and minimising material damage.

Carrying out a risk assessment at your premises will help to not only identify the potential risks of fire, but also help to determine the most appropriate types of fire control. Installing a sprinkler system may represent an initial investment, but pales into insignificance when compared to what could be lost in a fire.