Staff use fire safety training to save residents in care home blaze

The staff at a care home in Enniskillen in Northern Ireland had occasion to use the skills learnt in their fire safety training after a fire broke out and residents had to be evacuated safely.

The Clare House care home, which specialises in the treatment of people with mental health problems, went up in flames last Tuesday (12th July) at around 12.30am. By the time the fire brigade arrived on the scene to tackle the blaze, the home’s staff had already safely evacuated most of the residents from the burning building.

The local fire service praised the actions of the staff, with group commander Robbie Bryson saying:

“An excellent job was done by the two staff members on duty,”
“When we arrived the residents were clear and none of them had suffered any problems or any smoke inhalation. The fire alarm raised the alarm and the nurse on duty noticed sparks coming from the roof.”

None of the staff nor the sixteen residents of the home were hurt during the incident, but they did have to be temporarily rehoused as Clare House itself sustained heavy damage from fire and water during the frightening incident.