Staffordshire hospitals receive top food safety assessment ratings

A new report has revealed that all of the five community hospitals located in the region of North Staffordshire are performing excellently when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene, patient care and food hygiene.

The report, which was published by the National Patient Safety Agency, followed a thorough assessment by Patient Environment Action Teams. These teams, made up of everyone from nurses and patient representatives to catering and domestic service managers, visited hospitals in Leek, Cheadle, Bradwell, Longton and Haywood. They were very pleased with what they found.

Examining the hospitals in all non-clinical areas such as food safety and hygiene, patient privacy and dignity and cleanliness, the Action Teams gave all of the hospitals a clean sweep of ‘excellent’ ratings.

Commenting on the glowing report, which was no doubt achieved through hard work and dedication when it comes to care training and food hygiene training, was the nursing director with the Staffordshire Partnership Trust. Siobhan Heafield said:

“Patients have the right to be treated in clean surroundings, with good food and with respect for their privacy. Our work has had a real impact on them.”