Stress: how it affects you as a care worker as well as the people you care for

Being aware of stress and its negative effects is important in any work environment, as is knowing how to counter it. However, proper management of stress in a care environment is perhaps even more crucial. This is because stress not only affects you but your colleagues and importantly, the people you care for.

Not everyone knows how to recognise stress, nor do they fully understand how it can create a negative working environment that in turn affects the day-to-day life of patients. This is why stress awareness training courses are so useful, as they help participants identify and actively avoid stress.

In these kinds of care training courses, you are likely to learn about:

  • The signs and symptoms of stress, and how to easily spot them
  • What causes stress
  • How stress can affect the workplace as a whole
  • Ways in which you can relieve stress
  • How to cope with stress as an individual

This training will not only help you to handle the day-to-day difficulties and challenges of working within health and social care; it will also help you to improve the care service you provide to your patients.