Supermarket unable to locate first-aider when customer collapsed – The Training Hub

A customer has complained about the reactivity of a Tesco supermarket in Widnes after collapsing there while shopping. The forty-year-old Triathlon competitor suffered from a loss of vision after standing up and falling to the floor. Although a supermarket assistant put out a call for assistance, the customer claims he had to wait for up to five minutes before anyone arrived to help. He also claims that when help did arrive, it was not in the form of a qualified first-aider.

While he recovered, this customer has decided to draw attention to the incident for a simple reason: if he or someone were to suffer a heart attack or something similarly serious, the response time at the store is simply not quick enough. In the case of serious illness, a qualified first aider can make the chances of recovery far greater.

First Aid box

If your business deals directly with the public, it is always a good idea to ensure that you have a member of staff who has received first aid training available to help. First aid administered quickly and confidently can make the difference between life and death while waiting for the emergency services to arrive.

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