Suspended prison sentence for Blackpool restaurateur over poor food hygiene

A restaurateur from Blackpool has been handed a fine and a two-year suspended prison sentence after food hygiene inspectors found serious problems in the kitchen of his restaurant.

Iqbal Nooree was prosecuted after inspectors visiting The Akash Indian Restaurant in October 2011 found accumulations of food debris, dirt and grease in the kitchen. Hygiene standards were low on work surfaces, shelving, chopping boards, fittings and kitchen equipment, as well as in a food-containing freezer.

Another inspection was undertaken in May 2012, but conditions had not improved to the required level. This was despite Mr Nooree being warned on several occasions since 2002 to make changes to food hygiene training and standards.

In 2008, Mr Nooree was fined £2,000 for food hygiene offences. On this occasion, however, he received a two-year suspended prison sentence for three offences under Food Hygiene Regulations.

The latest news from The Akash Indian Restaurant is that Mr Nooree has invested £4,000 in new kitchen equipment and has vowed that he and his staff will keep it spotlessly clean, suggesting that the sentence he was given has acted as an appropriate warning.