How to take your fire safety knowledge to the next level

It is very important in any working environment for at least one person to hold responsibility for fire safety. This responsible person™ should have undergone at least basic fire safety training, in which they learnt how to implement fire safety practices, spot hazards and reduce risks.

There are, however, more advanced fire safety training courses you can take to help you to expand on your existing knowledge. The more training you get, the closer you are to becoming an expert in fire safety, and the more of an asset you are to your workplace.

By obtaining a qualification such as the CIEH Level 3 Award in Fire Safety Risk Assessment and Control, you will be able to understand and carry out a formal fire risk assessment for most low-complexity premises. You then become someone who can support the responsible persons™ within the business, as well as playing a bigger part in planning and implementing fire safety policy.

You may also become more valuable to current or future employers with this kind of qualification on your CV, as you will be able to help the business to meet its legal obligations with regards to fire safety. More importantly, you can contribute to making the business much safer overall.